Malcesine the pearl of Lake Garda

Malcesine with the emblem of the Scaliger Castle, even today has a lot of charm.

Surrounding the medieval town center with the towering Scaliger Castle and historical "Palazzo dei Capitani" is Malcesine with its magnificent historic old town.
The narrow streets and old houses are pure romance. The advertising industry is defined by famous people who put their face on an advertising campaign for a product as a "Testimonial".
Well, Malcesine can rely on a highly prestigious testimonial: in 1786 Johann Wolfgang Goethe, one of the biggest names in European literature, was the first who became aware of the tourist potential of Malcesine. Since then, the hospitality of Malcesine and its tranquil shores, Cassone and Navene have made giant strides. For several decades it has been one of the most famous holiday towns in Italy.

More than a hundred hotels, about a dozen campsites and various holiday residences cater to the tourists. In summer holidaymakers in their thousands wander the medieval streets, leading up to the Scaliger Castle, flocking together on the beaches and along the beautiful beach promenade where there are shops, restaurants and ice cream parlors. Sailboats and windsurfing sails cover the lake like colorful polka dots. Malcesine with its contrasting environment has a special charm. The Mediterranean is represented in the oleander rich gardens and boundless olive gardens from which a very delicate oil is extracted. When you get further up though, the landscape is alpine-like. The transition from the olive trees to the highest peaks of Monte Baldo can be done in minutes with the cable car from Malcesine, from where you overlook the sublime spectacle of Lake Garda. This fun and relaxing journey up hill is also used by those who prefer to make the descent on foot or by mountain bike.

Malcesine is a sailing and windsurfing paradise.
WWWIND SQUARE water sport center in Malcesine supports both champions and beginners. Other sports that can be practiced include mountain biking and paragliding (a landing place on the lake is available). You will find countless excursions to Monte Baldo. In winter Tratto Spino also offers the opportunity for ski events. The open-air theater at the foot of the castle of Malcesine offers wonderful shows throughout the summer. In Cassone you will experience the Zyklamine tradition every August, a competition of the Classical Lake Garda paddle dinghy.

Near the harbor of Malcesine, you can admire sights such as the "Palazzo dei Capitani" from the Venetian era, as well as the parish church, being a wonderful "Cross" by Girolamo dai Libri. Then there is the Aril which is regarded by many as the shortest river in the world (175 meters). The castle of Malcesine could be of Lombard origin, we can not say for sure. It was rebuilt by the Scaliger and again rebuilt by the Venetian and Austrian military. Nowadays, it is home to a museum of history and the lake area, offering a wonderful panorama from its tower.